Why Early Childhood Dental Visits Are Important

If you have a young child, you should take them to a dental office as early as possible. This is recommended by the American Dental Association, as early dental care from dentistry for children in Eugene prevents problems from developing and teaches children about proper care of their teeth. Read on to learn how you can prepare your child for dental visits and the benefits of early preventive care.

Preparing children for dental visits

Early childhood dental visits are often stressful for young children, and the best way to make them more comfortable is to prepare in advance. Prepare by bringing special items for your child to enjoy while waiting in the waiting room. Also, have another adult accompany your child and help them focus on oral care. It’s also helpful to complete the necessary forms ahead of time.

Benefits of early preventive care

Early preventive dental care for children is important to prevent tooth decay, which can lead to several dental problems. Children with tooth decay have a greater risk of having oral health problems later in life and a more difficult time speaking and eating. Additionally, children with special health care needs are at higher risk for dental problems and have higher unmet dental needs.

Avoiding threatening language

The use of threatening language in early childhood dental visits may cause a child to have a negative experience. This fear can lead to a child delaying or even refusing dental treatment. The first step towards treating the fear is identifying the level of fear. If the fear lasts for more than two years, it may be considered a phobia. This is important because avoidance of dental care can lead to major consequences for a child’s oral health.

Establishing good brushing and flossing techniques

During early childhood dental visits, it is important to stress the importance of good oral health habits. Children who are taught good habits from a young age are more likely to continue the routine into adulthood. Good oral hygiene habits are a good foundation for lasting dental health.

Prevention of cavities

Prevention of cavities through early childhood dental visits is crucial for a child’s oral health. Studies show that more than two-thirds of low-income children have cavities, compared to just 40 percent of non-low-income children. This is an ongoing problem in our country, and the good news is that there are ways to help prevent this problem.

Costs of later treatment

Early preventive dental visits can help reduce caries incidence and costs associated with dental care for young children. However, many primary care medical providers are hesitant to provide these services, citing several common reasons. These include inadequate reimbursement, workload issues, and parental reluctance. In addition, they may not have an understanding of the needs of infants and toddlers who have no teeth.

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