Audrey Baldwin is an artist based in??Aotearoa New Zealand. Her practice incorporates performance, video, photography, and curation. She operates both inside and outside of the traditional gallery space, with an interest in creating shared experiences where the viewer becomes an active part of the work.

Her performances often centre around the body and use absurdity, ritual and aspects of the every day to raise questions about established values and notions about the body, power and gender. Her work is earnest and emotional, confronting and grotesque, and sometimes all of these things at once.

Audrey has been performing and creating public interventions and events in and around the central city of ??tautahi/Christchurch since 2010. Her practice has been part of the recovery and rejuvenation of the city, which is still recovering from the earthquakes that destroyed it in 2011. Her work has been presented in galleries and festivals around New Zealand as well as in Zimbabwe, Japan and India. 2018 saw her attend Morni Hills Performance Art Biennial in India alongside other performance artists from around the globe.??

Email: audrey dot baldwin at live dot com
Instagram: @tawdryt